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Retirement Home: 800K Prefab House Built in Just 6 Days! | Tiny Home Living

Retirement Home: 800K Prefab House Built in Just 6 Days! | Tiny Home Living | OG

Duration: 10:14

Laguna — A prefab house, they say, is significantly cheaper than building a traditional house from scratch. And that is true. This one is worth 800K, and was built in just 6 days! It’s a wise investment for the retired man of the house, you could say. Step inside, and find out why. ___________ More and more Filipinos are getting interested in prefab homes. You can order one that’s good enough to sustain a tiny home living. Or you can order multiple modules to form a larger home space. Prefab housing also tends to be highly energy efficient. And the most attractive reason — generally less expensive. And surprise, surprise. There’s the other side of it. You have to secure your land. Prepare a more up-front payment. And hooking up the utilities can be tough. But despite the cons, it looks like prefabricated homes are seeing a good future in the country. Now, if owning one is something you’re interested in. . . Here are 9 companies who can make your modular or prefab house dream come true: 1. CUBO Modular 2. Bahay Makabayan Modular & Pre-Fab 3. Prefab Homes PH by Top-Notch Construction 4. Indigo Prefab House 5. SmartHouse Philippines 6. Prefab PH 7. MyHouse Philippines 8. WallCrete 9. Nest Box Philippines Click here to subscribe to OG:… #OGChannel #Uniquehomes #Tinyhouse

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