4 British Home Design Brands You Can Shop on This Side of the Atlantic

Say “cheerio” to your new favorite decorating style. British design is making its way across the pond, bringing classic elegance and refined comforts to this side of the Atlantic. The aesthetic leans traditional, but modern materials and updated silhouettes make English-inspired interiors feel fresh, not stuffy. Rita Konig, an English interior designer and tastemaker who has clients in America, shares ways to make a room feel English.

  • Focus on Comfort: “The first thing I think of when it comes to English interiors is comfort—dogs and children and a soft, squishy sofa,” Konig says.

  • Try Brown in Your Color Scheme: Brown furniture, such as a chest of drawers, anchors a room. “You can find something beautifully made and lovely at a thrift shop that will always work somewhere.”

  • Look to Grandma’s Collection: “Accumulation is in the British DNA,” Konig says. “We’re not into buying a look or chucking things out.

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Brands Giving Back to Racial Justice Causes

As the world steps up to combat racial inequality, numerous brands are also stepping up to do their part. Companies across beauty, fashion, entertainment and more are pledging donations to organizations and non-profits that support the black community, with some going even further to address the inequalities in their own workplaces and take steps toward making a meaningful difference.

Below are some of the brands stepping up to make a difference, with more and more pledging their support each day. Check back for more, as we’ll be updating this list as companies continue to use their platforms to do some good.

How Black Lives Matter Began: Meet the Women Whose Hashtag Turned Into a Global Movement

Adidas: The sports apparel brand announced they would be making a $20 million investment in black communities, with a commitment to fill 30% of their positions in the U.S. by black and Latinx

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