Traditional Network Marketing vs. Internet Network Marketing


Majority of the people join multi level network marketing program due to there are no better opportunity that allow them to make a Five to Six Figure Monthly Income with very little startup cost.

There are plenty of network marketing opportunities around but you have to be careful in your CHOICE and keep away from those SCAM Companies.

Getting in a mlm or network-marketing company is a long term business where many ordinary people can gain Financial Freedom through their lucrative Residual and Leverage Compensation scheme provided ONLY if they work hard.

Building a long term business means that you should look for a company that has been existent for years and preferably HUGE and REPUTABLE. It is UNLIKELY to build a MLM or Network Marketing Business part time within a SHORT time span of one year or less.

That is why MAJORITY build it as a part-time business before going for the full swing as a full-time jobs.

With the wonders of the Internet, there is a NEW trend where more and more people are joining companies that cater for this market. They now generate their leads and prospects from the internet instead of the traditional method earning a monthly income from the comfort of their own home with just a computer and internet connection.

In traditional networking marketing:

– have to go around everywhere you can think of to get leads and prospects,
– buy advertising ads on newspaper, related magazine etc.,
– pester your friends, prospect or anyone you can think of for more leads,
– need to make cold calls to your new leads to sound them out and check whether they are interested in the product you are selling,
– sweat every time you make a cold calls as you are afraid of the sound of slamming phones,
– need to pay for your car petrol or other means of transport that you may be using,
– need to meet up with your downline physically to motivate or help them with any question they may have.

In Internet Network Marketing, you sell via the internet ways:

– list your networking product on your website and let it do the selling by writing killer sales ads,
– learn to optimize your website to get free new leads or prospects from the Search Engines,
– can get more new leads or prospect by bidding for keywords relating to your network marketing product with pay per click search engine such as Google AdWords (
– recruit your sales force by placing recruiting ads on your website,
– motivate and communicate with your sales teams using online tools such as emails, chat room or internet messenger,
– have the global market at the comfort of your home unlike the traditional Network Marketing Business which is usually limited to the local market.

For those who have an outgoing personality and like selling and are not afraid of direct rejection from new prospects, then the traditional network marketing companies suits you.

However, for many people, they are afraid of direct selling and joining a large and reliable internet mlm company is the best choice as they don’t have to leave their home to make any sales.

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