48 Home Improvement Products Under $30 That Make A Big Impact

If you’re like me, hearing the words “home improvement” usually triggers cash register “ch-chings” in your head. But there are plenty of products that make a huge difference for less money than you’d expect. If you’re willing to do a little bit of organizing and put in some elbow grease and sweat equity, you’d be amazed to see how far your money can go. I shopped Amazon to find the best home improvement products under $30 that make a big impact.

Whether you’re decorating to add personality to your space or organizing to add function, these budget-friendly Amazon picks will yield surprising results in your home. I’ve included a number of decor items that upgrade your home for a small price, such as matte black cabinet pulls, faux plants, and string lights. These items can make your house feel more like a home — your home — without spending a fortune. If the clutter in your home is starting to take away from the beauty of your home, I’ve included lots of organizational finds. You’ll find drawer organizers, a slim storage cart to use in otherwise wasted space, and a wall-mounted broom holder. These tools give everything a home so your home can shine, while still being functional.

You don’t have to wait to hit the lottery to make your home yours. Start small. Shop this list and start to create your dream home on a budget.


These Mini Outlet Plugs That Make Your Home Smart

These mini smart home outlets work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home — and this pack of four is just $25. Plug anything into this outlet and control it using just your voice or the free accompanying app. You can automatically turn electronics on and off or set appliances and lights on specific schedules. Even if you don’t have a smart home hub, you can still use these app-controlled outlets.


A Modern Shower Caddy That’s Only $22

Upgrade your shower to a five-star spa with one purchase: this shower caddy. It hangs on the wall with a super sticky adhesive so you don’t need any tools and can install it in seconds. The stainless steel rack can hold up to 15 pounds and has a deep enough basket to store shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, and more. It’s rustproof, so it’s low maintenance, and it comes in silver or black.


This Door Draft Stopper That Insulates Your Home

These weather-stripping door draft stoppers fit onto your door to keep out sound and light and to regulate temperature — and they’re shockingly inexpensive. The dual-layer seal traps heat in or out, depending on the season, so you can cut electrical costs. Installing it is as easy as cutting it to size, peeling back the adhesive tape, and sticking it onto your door.


The $30 Smart Light Bulb That Sync With Music

They may look like ordinary lightbulbs, but these smart light bulbs sync to an app, so you can customize the lighting in your home to make it look its best. And don’t worry, it’s only $30. Choose from 16 million colors and even set the lights to sync with your music. Set the lightbulb to cool or warm, relax or focus mode, and even set money-saving timers.


This Filtered Showerhead For A Spa-Like Experience

This showerhead is unlike any other — it uses a multi-layer filtration system to remove impurities and soften hard water, for a more spa-like experience that costs so much less than you’d think. The showerhead has three pressure modes: rainfall, massage, and jetting. It attaches to most standard showers and comes in a variety of colors to match your bathroom.


An Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat Duo That Is Affordable

Finding kitchen rugs that are stylish, safe, and absorbent can be a difficult task, especially if you’re on a budget, but this anti-fatigue mat set is a quality find. Each mat is made of super thick PVC to relieve back pain and take pressure off your knees. It’s waterproof and can be cleaned by simply rinsing it with water. The non-slip texture keeps the mat in place and the lattice design (available in six colors) is timeless and elegant in any room.


The Stove Burner Covers That Save You Money

Spend just $11 now to protect your stove burners instead of paying to replace them later. These stove burner covers will eliminate the need to scrub your stovetop and get into those hard-to-reach burners. They can be cut to fit around your burner and act as a shield, catching any debris or grease. They’re completely washable — you can even toss them in the dishwasher and reuse.


An Outlet Extender That Keeps Cords Tidy

Your home will always look more refined when various cords and wires aren’t hanging from every corner. This 6-outlet extender makes it possible by offering enough spots for many of your appliances and lights, as well as two USB ports. The unique three-sided power strip also features a soothing night light that guides your path in the dark. Plus it’s less than $15.


This Custom Light Solution That’s Only $20

If you love the convenience of custom lighting, but have a strict budget — check out these magnetic LED lights. They are motion-activated and narrow enough to fit in small spaces like hallways, closets, and cabinets. Each light bar features 10 LEDs that will last for up to 50,000 hours depending on which mode you select: daylight mode, dark mode, or no motion.


The Mirror Window Clings For Added Privacy

Windows in your home can bring lots of natural light but also unwanted eyes. If you love the light but need a little more privacy, these mirror effect window clings are an affordable upgrade you won’t regret. In addition to obscuring the view inside of your home, these also block up to 99% of UV rays to protect your skin and your furniture. They’re made from easy-to-clean vinyl and cling to the window using static, so they’re easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue.


This Personal Security Alarm Pack That’s Affordable

If you need a little extra security in your house (for an affordable price), this four-pack personal security system is for you. The wireless devices are easy to install on your doors or windows and can be set to chirp or send out an alarm whenever one is opened. It comes with all of the mounting hardware you need and even has a built-in battery test so you can easily check the battery life.


The $15 Metal Shelf With A Paper Towel Holder

This wall-mounted organizer solves two problems for just $15. It has a small shelf for holding spices, oils, or other small kitchen jars, as well as a bar for holding paper towels. This versatile shelf could be used in the garage while you work on the car, in the bathroom to store your soaps, or in the kitchen. It’s easy to install and has a small footprint that makes an impact.


A Cable Management Box For Uncluttering Cords

Say goodbye to messy tech cords and wires with this sleek and modern cable organizer that’s a total steal. Not only do they conceal cluttered wires, but they’re also large enough to accommodate power strips. The compact box is made of heat-resistant materials and can protect kids and pets from tech accessories. Choose from five colors to match your home decor.


This Bestselling Wine Rack That’s Pretty Yet Inexpensive

Update your home bar by adding this wine glass rack that’s a bestseller and reasonably priced. The metal hanging rack safely holds stemware, upside down, so your glasses become decor. This rack holds six wine glasses in three rows and can be attached to the bottom of cabinets or even a bar cart. It saves space while displaying your glassware including Bordeaux, champagne, and cocktail glasses.


These Cheap Fridge Mats That Make It Easier To Clean

These shelf mats make cleaning a breeze and they’re budget-friendly, too. Just place one of the mats into your cabinet or on refrigerator shelves to help keep your fruits and veggies last longer, as well as providing a barrier between your fridge and any spills. They’re easy to remove and can be wiped down — so much easier than taking a shelf out to clean.


A Protective Vinyl Table Cover That’s Waterproof

If spills are a natural occurrence in your house, this $24 table protector is for you. The thick, transparent PVC pad rolls out over your table creating a safety barrier between life and your favorite table or heirloom. Not only is it resistant to heat and waterproof, but it protects against scuffs and other damage. You can cut it to any size to fit your exact table.


This Mini Air Purifier That Removes Contaminents

Air purifiers used to be an expensive luxury,
but Amazon is home to plenty of affordable alternatives including this highly rated option that’s only $25. It has a HEPA filter that removes airborne contaminants including smoke, food, or pet odors, as well as dust, pollen, and dander. It’s nearly silent and has a small footprint — you might even forget it’s there. This smaller size is ideal for desks, pet rooms, or small bathrooms.


A Pack Of Machine-Washable Seat Covers

Whether you’re covering some out-of-style chairs or protecting your favorites, these stretchy seat covers are the budget home hack you’ve been looking for. This set of four is made of high-quality fabric that’s resistant to pilling and wrinkles and soft as can be. The elastic band on the bottom keeps it in place but comes off easily so you can machine wash it. Choose from 21 colors to match your room.


These Customizable Wall Shelves For Just $20

Add these floating shelves to your cart for custom wall decor that is unique, customizable, and affordable. The set of three comes with large, medium, and small shelves that can each accommodate up to 40 pounds. They have a rustic look and are available in eight shades. Use them anywhere — from your kitchen to your bedroom — for additional storage or to display your cutest home decor without spending a fortune.


The Rubber Furniture Pads That Protect Your Floors

These self-adhesive rubber pads are a cheap solution to protecting your wood floors from furniture. Just stick them to the bottom of table legs, couches, or bed frames to prevent scratching, paint streaks, or just to reduce noise. This eight-pack comes in a variety of sizes.


A Pan Organizer With Adjustable Dividers

Free up some cabinet space with this adjustable pan organizer. This customizable storage comes with six dividers so you can store pans of various sizes. This organizer is sturdy and has non-slip feet that keep it in place in your cabinet. One reviewer noted, “Love, love, love this rack! What a back saver. I have all of my cast iron in it. The adjustable dividers are great and the fact that you can adjust the length of it to fit your cabinet is even better.”


This Motion-Activated Porch Light For Added Security

Add extra security to your front door with this motion-activated porch light. The waterproof LED floodlight is ultra-bright and covers a wide area — plus it’s glare-free. It takes four C-batteries that are not included, and has an adjustable head. Choose from silver or white.


A Sink Strainer And Stopper In One For $11

This two-in-one sink strainer and stopper is the only gadget you need in your sink. Just twist the tab to engage the stopper and fill the sink. Twist it again to allow the water to drain while trapping any food scraps. It’s made with tough stainless steel and soft silicone that makes it durable without worrying about it damaging your sink. It’s earned more than 18,000 reviews — plus it’s only $11.


These Outlet Covers With Built-In LED Night Lights

Adding custom lighting to your home can be a huge investment, but this outlet guide light is a budget-friendly solution — plus it’s earned a 4.5-star review. This outlet plate has a built-in light and doesn’t require batteries or wires. It snaps on easily without occupying one of your outlets. Choose from four shades of plates to match your walls for a discrete and affordable upgrade you won’t regret.


This Affordable And Slim 3-Tier Cart For Storage

This rolling cart is just slim enough to fit in those seemingly useless spaces like between your washer and dryer or between the toilet and your vanity. Now you can utilize that wasted space for more useful storage that won’t break the bank. This affordable cart has three tiers, removable hooks, and is on wheels that make it easy to move around.


These Modern Cabinet Pulls For Less Than $1 Each

Swap out your build-grade hardware for these matte black cabinet pulls that are easy to install and low-cost. This 30-pack will transform your bathrooms, kitchen, or dressers
. The sleek finish matches many decor styles — from industrial to farmhouse. The 5-inch pulls have earned nearly 16,000 reviews and are also available in satin nickel and brushed brass.


A Magnetic Door Curtain That Eliminates Drafts For $26

Stop uncomfortable drafts by installing one of these thermal-magnetic door curtains that’s only $26. The easy-to-install doors create a barrier to insulate spaces in your home without making it difficult to get from one space to the other. The hands-free design opens easily and automatically closes behind you thanks to the strong magnets holding it together. The semi-transparent curtain filters light while offering privacy and can be used to keep warm or cold air inside.


The Faux Yet Expensive-Looking Plant Set

Adding greenery to your space can make a house feel like a home, but if you don’t have a green thumb (or the budget to keep replacing dead plants), opt for these faux potted plants. This two-pack comes with an artificial eucalyptus and rosemary plant in modern, concrete-like pots. The tabletop-sized pots add a splash of color to your mantle, entryway table, or dining space. The biodegradable plastic plants even feature foam that looks like soil to create a more realistic plant.


The $10 Fridge Door Handles That Are Washable

Over time, grime inevitably builds up on your refrigerator door handles. These plush, protective sleeves keep stains, water drip, fingerprints, or smudges at bay and they’re totally inexpensive. This pair of machine washable covers features velcro closures, which you can adjust to fit your door’s handles. Choose from a variety of sizes and quantities for your other appliances, too.


These Makeup Lights That Upgrade Your Vanity

This LED vanity mirror light kit helps you turn any traditional mirror into a dream makeup station for less than you think. It comes with 10 bulbs that can be adjusted to fit your mirror and stay on perfectly using self-adhesive tape that is included in the kit. Choose from 10 different brightness levels and three color modes to find the right lighting for you.


The LED String Lights That Elevate Your Patio For Less

Instantly elevate your outdoor space with these globe string lights are only $25. With more than 2,000 reviews, these affordable lights come in 25-feet long strands (and are available in 50 and 100 feet as well). They feature 27 clear, globe bulbs that are waterproof, shatterproof, and can withstand extreme rain, wind, or dampness.


This Budget Doorbell That’s Easy To Install

This is the easiest doorbell to install — and it’s affordable too. The receiver will work as long as it’s within 1000 feet of the doorbell. Choose from 52 different chimes and five-volume levels. They’re waterproof, plus they can withstand extreme temperatures between -4 and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. The gadget also lights up green when the bell is rung.


An Absorbent Under-Sink Mat That’s Washable

Protect your cabinets with this budget-friendly absorbent mat that’s designed to go under your sink. This non-slip mat protects against leaks big and small — it even has a waterproof layer that ensures your cabinet doesn’t suffer from water damage. Bets of all? The mat is machine washable and reusable.


This Swivel Towel Rack That Holds Six Towels

This unique swivel towel rack stores six towels in a small space and it’s really affordable. This wall-mounted rack has six stainless steel arms for draping towels over to keep them dry. The bars swivel 180-degrees and can hold up to 39 pounds. The material is resistant to corrosion, scratching, and rust.


This Pet Odor Remover That Works Miracles For $20

Say goodbye to tough odors with this crowd-favorite cleaner with a low price tag. It permanently removes odors and stains from pet accidents, reviving your floors, furniture, clothing, and more. The enzyme-powered formula works quickly, and at this price, you’ll want to buy a few bottles to keep on hand.


A Shower Door Seal That’s Easy To Install (And Just $12)

Small leaks can lead to big damage, but these low-priced shower door seals are the preventative measure you’ll never regret. The clear vinyl fits 36-inch frameless shower doors without an adhesive. It’s designed to be cut to fit your exact shower and this bestseller has more than 8,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.


These Outdoor Brackets For Hanging Exterior Decor

These hanging outdoor brackets are the perfect place to add planters, bird feeders, or wind chimes to your home’s exterior. This budget-friendly pack of two is just $13 and each bracket can hold 11 pounds. This kit comes with screws and anchors that make it easy to install. One five-star review noted, “It is a great product for the price! I was worried that it may not be strong enough to handle the weight of the metal plant hangers but was pleasantly surprised!”


A Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf

Who wouldn’t appreciate a shelf, perfectly sized for your phone, in the bathroom? This toilet paper holder is an easy and inexpensive improvement that your family and guests will love. The unit holds and dispenses one toilet roll and features a shelf with a ledge that helps prevent your phone from falling off. Made of matte stainless steel, this design is waterproof, rustproof, and resistant to corrosion.


The Rubber Feet That Reduce Washing Machine Noise

It’s a small thing, with a small price tag, but it will make a huge impact: anti-vibration pads for your washing machine. These rubber pads go on the bottom of the washer or dryer to absorb sound and mitigate vibrations from your machine’s usual cycle. You don’t need tools to install these universally sized pads — just slide them under your machines.


This Remote Holder That You Can Mount On the Wall

Keep all your TV remotes in one place to save your sanity. This $15 fix holds three or four remotes and comes with the option to mount it to the wall with screws or adhesive strips. The remote organizer has vents in the bottom that are small enough to prevent dust from collecting, yet small enough that your remotes won’t fall through. This holder has earned more than 7,000 reviews and comes in black or white.


The Wall-Mounted Broom Holder That’s Only $14

Is your storage closet overflowing with cleaning supplies? Upgrade your storage for those mops and brooms with this wall-mounted holder that’s a deal. It can be hung high enough so your cleaning supplies don’t sit on the floor gathering dust and grime. This organizer will hold up to five tools and has six additional hooks for hanging towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. At this price, you’ll want a second one to store your sporting equipment or tools.


A Roll Of Double-Sided Carpet Tape That’s SO Cheap

Keep your rugs from curling with this two-inch, double-sided tape. This roll comes with 10 yards of heavy-duty tape that you can use on stairs, bathroom floors, and kitchens. It’s bonded to paper, which makes it easy to apply. It will hold strong until you’re ready to remove it when you can easily peel it away from the rug or floor.


This Motion-Activated Light For Above Your Keyhole

There is a budget-friendly solution to fumbling around in the dark, looking for your keys: this motion-activated light. The LED light comes on when you approach the door, illuminating the keyhole so you can quickly and easily unlock the door. It comes with screws or an adhesive to attach to your door and has two modes: daytime or nighttime. You can also use it in cabinets or drawers for extra light on a budget.


The Organizational Trays That Make Your Drawers Neat

These affordable trays make staying organized so much easier. They’re resistant to build-up and are easy to wipe down, with a unique frosted design. Use it to organize that junk drawer, your bathroom vanity, or your home office. This set comes with four tray sizes: one large, one medium, and two small.


These $7 Snake-Style Drain Removers

Get a handle on the plumbing in your home before you need to call in a professional with this pack of drain clog removers, which are made to go deep into sinks or showers to clear drains of gunk, debris, and hair. It comes with six snake-style clog removers that are nearly 20 inches long and one stainless steel cleaner that measures 24 inches long. Safely clear your drains in just minutes.


This 15-Stage Shower Filter For Purer Water

This shower filter ensures you’re bathing in the purest water. It has a 15-stage filtration system that removes heavy metals, sediments, and chlorine for water that’s moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling soft. This attachment works with overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads and also helps to regulate the water pressure. Plus it’s under $30.


A Set Of Fan Pull Chains That Are Only $6

If you have relatively high ceilings, these fan pull chains are a must (and just $6). The 24-inch chains feature a lightbulb ornament and a fan ornament so you can easily determine which cord operates which function. These antique-looking pull set has earned more than 10,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


This Tension Shelf For Extra Closet Storage

Add some hanging storage without breaking the bank with this tension shelf that’s expandable. The metal storage rack has telescoping tubes that you can adjust to the ideal size. The stainless steel composite pipes double as a shelf above your hanging items. Custom shelving can be so expensive, but this option is under budget yet incredibly impactful.