8 Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

How to Cool Your House Without AC: 20 Tricks You Need to Try

Keeping the home cool is tantamount to keeping your body cool. When we talk about keeping the home cool, the main point of focus is your body. This is because all other things in the house can get a level of coolness from within without having to put in any extra effort. 

For example, if you are using your device and its temperature is rising, it would inform you of the situation. But most specifically, what you’d likely do is to put the phone out of use to cool down the temperature. No extra effort is involved.

Usually, during summer or when the home it’s not at its best, you’d prefer to stay outside or get the air you need at a more distant place. Time and stress need to be invested to get this done. It might involve you driving into unplanned places. In fact, an extra cost might be involved.

Air conditioners might pose a threat to you simply because your wallet is not well funded or you are concerned that it poses the risk of overheating leading to a fire. 

Here are 8 brilliant ways to keep your home cool in the absence of an AC:

1) Keep your Body Hydrated

Since we have come to understand that the home is you, then you should be conscious of water intake because it can help to keep the body cool. Practice the habit of hydrating yourself even when it’s not hot and frizzy. AmonAvis would help you see positive reviews on the advantages of taking sufficient water.

2) Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

These fluorescent bulbs are very easy to get. You only need to spot centers where the heat level is high and replace incandescent light bulbs with LCDs. See Domondo for varieties of good home devices that are energy sufficient.

3) Have a Cold Bath or Shower

Taking a cold bath reduces the body temperature emanating from the outside. It is more advisable to use peppermint soap on your body because it has a high menthol content that boosts a cold environment.

4) Pull Down Curtains and Blinds or Open Windows Wide

If you are facing the sun’s direction, you can insulate the room by closing the blinds to avoid completely the sun’s rays from entering the room. In places where the temperature falls between 50-70°F in the mornings and evenings, you can open the window to benefit from the cold zone outside.

5) Cook Meals at Strategic Hours

Cooking meals in the early hours of the morning is very much recommended. This is because cooking in the morning would avoid heat clashing. In the daytime, the weather is hot and cooking would only constitute high heat levels.

6) Shut the Doors of Empty Rooms

This technique might be really surprising for you, but shutting the doors of empty rooms helps to circulate the moving air in the right places. If doors are opened carelessly, the cool air that is needed in the right direction is lurking in empty rooms.

7) Use White Roofs

What your roof material is made of is very necessary because some roof sheets are heat insulators while some are not. Now, you can as well paint your ceiling white.

8) Make Cold Your Feet and Bedspread

To make your feet cold, you can actually freeze water in bottles. This ice pack can be placed on your feet or even just beside you so that as it becomes gradually cool, it’s soothing your body. You can as well dampen your bedspread with cold water. This feeling is good during summer.

Generally speaking, heat does not only arise because there is summer. Engaging in tedious tasks can increase stress levels such as heat stress. Invariably, your body becomes too hot even at normal room temperature.