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All about interior design

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Whether you’re transforming your entire home from scratch or renovating the room, here is everything you need to know about interior design. Interior design defines how space will function, how it will look, and how it will appeal to the senses and fit the needs of the homeowner. First of all, to enhance the appearance of a room or entire house and also increase its functionality, take into account key principles of interior design. There are five basic principles: balance, rhythm, emphasis, proportion, and scale. In interior design, balance creates a feeling of unity. Balance can be created through shape, color, pattern, and texture. Rhythm in interior design means creating patterns of repetition and contrast to create visual interest. Proportion is the ratio between the size of one part to another. The scale is about how the size of one object relates to another or the overall place. Emphasis means that a room must have a focal point to prevent the room look either scattered or boring. Secondly, before creating your interior, you must know that there are several main interior design elements: space, line, forms, light, color, texture, and pattern. Keeping them harmonized is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior. Finally,  consider that there are many different styles of interior design. Choose from calm styles–such as nordic, classic, modern, or minimalist– to complex styles, such as eclectic, kitsch, and vintage. When you know all about interior design styles, principles, and elements, you can transform any space to look extraordinary.