Designed in 2020: Meet BERTA the dining chair from Bellavista Collection

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There are two kinds of people: those who love comfy dining chairs and those who are content with stools. But seriously, having your meals in a slow, unhurried manner is good for your health – you needn’t be a doctor to realize it’s true. Using a stool implies a regular practice of having a quick bite instead of a proper meal. So, let’s have our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners sitting on a dining chair with soft padding and strong leather or fabric upholstery. It won’t turn every meal into a banquet, but definitely will make it more relaxed and serene.

When you look at dining chairs from Bellavista Collection, you can’t help noticing how nice, cozy and high-quality they are – in fact, quite like all other Italian luxury furniture from this brand. Sofas and tables, beds, armchairs, and many more – all these pieces combine beauty with practicability and durability. When describing them, ‘beautility’ is the keyword.

Well, to improve our dining habits, let’s look at dining chairs at Bellavista Collection’s website. Choose PRODUCTS item in the main menu and open UPHOLSTERED PIECES product category. Here you’ll see the sub-category called CHAIRS – along with ARMCHAIRS, SOFAS, OTTOMANS &BENCHES, and DORMEUSES.

All nine dining chairs from this sub-category are comfortable, gorgeous-looking and extremely diverse. Elegant ANGELINA, modest KATE and MARGOT, CLAIRE and HILTON, looking more like compact armchairs – all these pieces are really cozy to sit in. So is the novelty of 2020 – a dining chair named BERTA. 

Its structure, made of solid ashwood, impeccably harmonizes with leather or fabric upholstery (most of Bellavista Collection’s upholstered furniture pieces traditionally are available in both materials). What is more, there is the third option for BERTA as well: nice-looking non-removable covers where leather and fabric are combined.

Metal details of this chair are made of cast brass with the antique bronze finish – a very attractive, noble-looking material, which is widely used for the brand’s pieces. An optional removable rear back in this material makes BERTA look really special.

Padding in high-resilient polyurethane foam with variable density – the modern staffing material extremely popular with furniture makers – ensures a comfy seat.  Fire-resistant foam filling is available as an option.

As for the size of this dining chair, it is a good compromise between being comfortable and compact. BERTA is 77 centimeters (30.4 inches) high, with seat height 47 cm. (18.5 in.). The seat is 55 cm (21.7 in) wide and 60.9 cm (24 in) deep.

Design of this remarkable dining chair is worth a closer look. A modest but elegant outline, rounded styling, and quality materials together create an irresistible air of excellence – a hallmark of Bellavista’s design. 

Attilio Zanni, the brand’s co-founder and the extremely talented designer, who created almost every Bellavista Collection’s piece, is well-known for his own style – a superb combination of apparent simplicity and sophistication of every detail. Every item he designs is a masterpiece. What is more, they easily combine with one another and blend in existing interiors. It is clearly noticeable when you visit Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at trade events such as Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan or Maison et Objet in Paris. 

Every year new showpieces, usually created specially for the event, are arranged so that Bellavista’s exhibitor booth looks like a splendidly furnished apartment. Furniture pieces, various lighting fixtures, mirrors, boiserie, and lovely decorative articles to add zest to the interior – all they create a kind of a home everybody would be glad to live in. Have a dinner in a dining area, sleep on a luxurious bed exhibited in the bedroom zone, try cozy sofas and armchairs in the area looking like a dream of a living-room…

The brand adopted such an approach to showcasing its new collections pretty long ago – in 2012, and it proved successful indeed. Visitors not only evaluate the appearance and quality of each piece, but also have a chance to see (not just imagine) how it looks in a real room.

It’s a pity that Bellavista’s 2020 collection (which, by the way, marks the tenth anniversary of the brand) hasn’t been showcased at prestigious trade fairs as usual. Due to the notorious COVID-19 pandemic most of the trade events have been cancelled. For example, 2020 will be the first year since 1961 without an edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile. The only consolation is that the next edition of the Salone is going to be all-embracing as never before: iSaloni 2021 will gather all collateral events, both annual and biennial, at the same grounds. So, future exhibitors are already looking forward to the event, and Bellavista Collection is no exception. We can only guess what the 2021 collection will be like, but surely it will be exceptional.  

However, you do have a chance to see all the remarkable Bellavista’s pieces created this year in real life, rather than on the website. If you live, or just happen to be, near Milan, you are welcome to visit Bellavista Collection’s showroom. The new 2020 collection is displayed there, along with bestsellers from previous years.

The exhibition space (approximately 480 square meters in total), located on the first floor adjacent to Bellavista’s offices and workshops, is divided into areas, furnished exclusively with items from Bellavista Collection. Large windows, lovely paneling on the walls, lamps, and decorative items make the sleeping, living and dining display areas resemble luxurious rooms. Everybody may walk in and not only see how the brand’s furniture looks in reality, but touch the pieces, try seats of sofas and chairs.  No wonder that this place is popular with prospective buyers: although all these items are available from the brand’s website, most of the people prefer to have a look at the real thing first. So, this showroom serves as a continuous trade exhibition that works all year round. After a recent renovation, the display area has become even more attractive, and Bellavista’s anniversary collection is already waiting for visitors.