Embrace the Warmth of Summer With These Stylish Sunrooms

Sunrooms are rising in popularity due to their versatility and luxurious appearance. Homeowners like to extend their living area, creating a transitional space that feels closer to nature. While the room can be a relaxing spot with a cozy seating area, its uses aren’t limited to just that. If you need some extra space, you can turn the sunroom into a home office, bedroom, hobby room, or any other option that suits your needs.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is a house extension covered with windows on three sides. Some may refer to it as a patio room, sun porch, or conservatory. However, the meaning is the same. 

Sunrooms are transitional spaces that allow you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and the sun’s rays while keeping you protected from weather conditions and insects. 

This type of room is especially ideal if you live in a cold climate but still want to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Access to sunlight provides many health benefits, such as boosting your mood, reducing stress, decreasing blood pressure, and providing vitamin D. 

Remember that south-facing sunrooms will receive plenty of sunlight during the winter. In addition, being flooded with light means that you will save on electric bills during the cold months. 

Benefits of a sunroom

Compared to other home improvement projects, adding a sunroom is more cost-effective. The finishes aren’t as pricey as a traditional house extension but the addition will still increase the square footage. On the other hand, it is an attractive feature that makes your home appear more luxurious. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, a sunroom will likely increase its value. The addition will boost the curb appeal and add extra square footage, both highly desired features on the property market. 

A sunroom is versatile enough to be adjusted to your needs. You can turn it into a craft room and borrow inspiration from nature while having all your supplies handy in this dedicated space. Or, you can create your home spa and add a hot tub. This can also be an ideal place for an entertainment area to spend quality time with your family. 

If you are a plant lover, the sunroom will provide the best conditions for your green babies. Your plants will receive plenty of natural sunlight to stimulate their development, along with the optimal temperature. When choosing the right plants to decorate your sunroom, it is best to stick with those that adore light. Orchids will grace the space with their luxurious blooms, thanks to the ideal conditions. Begonias and African Violets are excellent choices if you love vivid flowers, but leafy plants such as Boston ferns and spider plants will also thrive in a sunroom. 

Cozy and inviting sunroom (from Houzz)
Traditional sunroom to match your style (from Houzz)
Sunroom with relaxed Boho vibe (from Houzz)
A sunroom adds value to a property (from Houzz)
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Scandinavian sunroom with a minimalist vibe (from Houzz)
Rustic style for a cozy sunroom that matches the interior style (from Houzz)
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A pop of color for a charming sunroom (from Houzz)
A pop of color for a charming sunroom (from Houzz)
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