Garage Door Repair in Portland: The Cost of a Garage Door Spring Replacement

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Just imagine rushing to work and finding out that your garage door won’t open.  Since you don’t have time to DIY the repair, you call for a garage door repair professional.

Then, you will have to figure out how to get to your office in time without your car because your garage door refuses to open.  You realize at this point how a functional garage door spring deserves respect for the convenience it provides your family.  

So, how much will it cost you to get your garage door repaired in Portland on spring replacement?  This article will introduce you to understanding garage door springs, how to know if they are broken, and how much it will cost you for a garage door replacement.

What is a Garage Door Spring?

A garage door spring makes it much easier to lift and open a garage door. Without this tiny but critical part of your garage door’s opening mechanism, your garage door will be much harder—even impossible—to lift.

Most residential garage doors in Hillsboro have two types of springs:

  • Torsion Springs

These are heavy-duty garage door springs mounted to a metal rod that runs parallel to the door, directly above the door opening.

  • Extension Springs

These are long, lighter-weight springs that run perpendicular to the door and are mounted above the horizontal portions of the door tracks.

How to Know if Your Garage Door Spring is Broken

The high-tension steel in the spring has a limited life span since it takes all the weight of your garage door every time you open and close it.

Over time, garage door springs tend to break because of regular wear and tear from endlessly opening and shutting your garage door, rust, or poor maintenance.  

Let’s go through the common symptoms of broken garage door springs that often result to garage door repair:

  • Disconnected Cable Springs

When your garage door opens just for a few inches and then refuses to go any further, the door cables are disconnected because the garage door springs are no longer working.

The entire garage door system is thrown out of sync when garage door springs are broken causing pulleys and cables to hang loose from the ceiling.

  • Crashing Sound

The very loud sound comes from a broken spring caused by extreme weight.  The break happens when the spring is fully loaded and unwinds creating a crashing sound in the door mechanism.

  • Gap in your Garage Door’s Tension Spring

If you see a gap a few inches in the middle of your torsion spring, it is a definite sign that your garage door spring is broken.

  • Garage Door Drops When Shutting

The garage door spring offsets the weight of your garage door and without it, your garage door will just drop in place with a very sudden motion.  It can slam shut violently.

  • Jerky or Crooked Garage Door Movements

When your garage door has a two-spring system and one is broken, the mechanism of your door becomes crooked and jerky because it is not strong enough to open and close smoothly.

Cost of a Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you notice one or a few of the symptoms mentioned above in your garage door, it is time to get a replacement for your garage door springs. 

The average cost to repair a garage door spring is $180, but prices range from $100 to $350 if the installer must disassemble the brackets to reach the springs.

The price will vary depending on the type of spring that will be replaced.  To compare the difference, consider this costing from Homeadvisor:

  • Torsion Spring and Bar Replacement Cost

Replacing a torsion spring will cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per spring, materials and labor included.  Because replacement will require both springs to be replaced at the same time, you will always have to spend for two springs.

  • Extension Spring Replacement Cost

Including labor and materials, the replacement of extension springs will cost $50 to $100 per spring to replace.  Replacement of extension springs are relatively easier so they cost a bit less than torsion springs.

Hiring a Professional for your Garage Door Repair in Portland

Changing a garage door spring can be dangerous and more costly if you get yourself injured.  You should carefully weigh the risks and the rewards of doing this project before deciding to DIY.  

Because of the hazards of the process, it is advised that you hire a professional garage door repair company in Portland to make sure that your garage door springs are replaced carefully and correctly.  It is a much easier and safer option because professionals have the experience and equipment to do garage door spring replacement safely and efficiently.