Here’s What Makes Japan’s Futuristic City So Smart

Residents of Woven City will eat innovative food based on cutting-edge molecular science. On April 26, Toyota signed an agreement with Nissin Food Products, which is¬†known for its instant meals. Under the agreement, the company will develop “Complete Nutrition Meals” for Woven City. Nissin says it will create delicious, healthy, and personalized nutrition meals that go “beyond instant food.” These meals will provide all necessary nutrients to residents while keeping calories, salt, sugar, and fats in check. With these nutritious meals, Japan is testing solutions to solve problems like access to affordable and healthy foods, food supply chain problems, food price inflation, and food waste issues.

The energy projects of Woven City are also progressing. In March 2022, Toyota signed with ENEOS Corporation an agreement to build the first CO2-free hydrogen production and supply system for Woven City. The hydrogen refueling stations will power industries, businesses, residents, and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. Woven City will also use the Internet of Things, smartphones, and the expanding network of connected devices to gather and analyze data. Powered by AI analysis, the data will reveal patterns and produce policies to help fight crime, reduce pollution, decrease traffic, prepare for weather events, and much more.