How to Use Different Types of Traverse Rods at Home


Traverse curtain rods are basically used for those pleated curtains that use a pulley system to open and close. In this kind of set-up, the drapes are attached to rod using special kind of hooks, wherein the rod remains hidden by the curtains except when they are opened. Nowadays, there are different styles of traverse rods available such as decorative rods, which use rings instead of hooks and also allow the curtain rod to be visible even when the drapes are closed. The only benefit these rods have is that you do not have to touch your curtains every time you open or close them; which further increases the life of the curtains.

Single Traverse Rods

These kinds of curtain rods are equipped with a pulley system that operates only in a single direction. They are usually used for drapes that have to be fitted over the sliding doors or windows. In fact, windows that meet a 90 degree angle in a corner or the ones fitted with vertical blinds are also considered to be perfect for single moving rods. The designs of these curtain rods are perfect to keep decorative drapes in a corner without having to worry about how they will look when they are drawn. All you need to do is position the rods in a manner that the curtains draw away from each other.

Two Way Traverse Rods

These rods allow you to draw the curtains from the center of the window to the extreme right and left. They are perfect for large windows and add a flawless decorative flair to your house. However, if you are looking for a traditional look, you can choose to install the ideal, traditional traverse rod that will remain hidden when the curtains are closed. However, for those looking to give their house a contemporary look, they can choose to purchase decorative transverse rods with feature rings that will remain unhidden and allow you to open and close your drapes easily.

Double Traverse Rods

If you are willing to display two types of curtain panels on a single window then double traverse rods can be the best option. These rods are not like double curtain rods and by installing these rods you can seamlessly display one panel for privacy and the other one for decoration and light control. Moreover, if you are willing to top a single decorative curtain with a valance, these types of rods can be the most suitable option. A valance is basically a decorative piece of fabric that hides your traditional rod even when the drapes are open.

Often the windows of your house might be too long and the standard rods might not fit in well. Therefore, in such a situation, you can choose to purchase extra-long traverse rods that are specially created for windows with large widths. In fact, some of these rods are even made adjustable, to fit your windows or doors as you like.

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