Living in a Shared House in Tokyo, Japan

When looking to rent a house in Japan, you may be wondering what the different types of accommodations are. You may think it would be challenging to find a great Japanese shared house to rent, but it isn’t. A share house is simply a rental venue where multiple residents can come and hang out in a shared living space, often including the kitchen, bath, or other personal room. These shared areas usually include the standard room, kitchen, or bathroom, which is sometimes referred to as the common area.

Different Types of Shared Houses in Japan

There are many different types of shared houses in Japan, and many people use them. Some of these houses may only have two or three rooms; however, larger homes contain four or more rooms. They can range from being one or two-story up to seven or eight-story buildings. Many of these houses have share house service, maids and cleaning staff who will clean and take care of any small or large cleaning tasks assigned to them. Shared houses can be found almost anywhere in Japan and can be booked fairly quickly online by speaking with various real estate agencies or private landlords.

Traditional Tokyo Share House

The most popular Japanese style shared house in Japan is the traditional Tokyo share house. This type of shared house is located on the grounds of a formal Japanese garden. These kinds of parks are often found on private, beautiful land plots and are only accessible by paying for access. The common area of these homes includes many different types of flowers and plants. The common site will also contain a Japanese garden bench and a fountain used for relaxation.

Today, it’s no longer uncommon to hear of young couples who are buying shared houses in Tokyo and San Francisco, California, or any other location in the world, for that matter. In the past, a person needed to have several years of experience to be considered for renting such a place. Today, however, people can rent these types of real estate investment properties within a matter of weeks, sometimes days, because of the Internet. These people are doing so to rent the home itself while they’re waiting to buy their own.

Most people who rent shared houses in Tokyo, California, or any other location will generally find that their daily lives are less stressful if they live in shared kitchens. This is because the shared kitchen allows everyone to cook, meaning there is no need to purchase extra food or ingredients. The kitchen also provides its residents with their very own personal towels and kitchen utensils. Some residents even pay extra to have a private television in their shared living spaces because there are no television sets allowed in shared kitchen areas.

Although there may be many benefits of having a kitchen in shared house areas, some residents prefer to have their bathroom and shower room. If the residents cannot pay for a private bathroom for themselves, they may consider paying extra rent for a separate bathroom for their use. On the other hand, if the shared house members are busy people who do not want to bother with cleaning their own homes, they may choose to rent the communal laundry rooms instead. Most Japanese people today have learned to live entirely off of rented apartments, making it easier for them to learn to live without worrying about wasting too much of their money on personal items that they would rather spend eating out at restaurants.