Modern, Contemporary Furniture Trends of 2011


The meaning of “modern” and “contemporary” is on the calendar. You may experience different trends in modern furniture at different times if you’re looking for. In 2011, if you make plans for the purchase of contemporary furniture and modern, so keep an eye on these trends.

Green Furniture

The effect of climate change has had an extreme influence on different people and professionals. And these professionals also includes furniture designers. Currently, these designers are producing environmentally friendly furniture, in the provision of their home or office. Many new and creative experts in furniture design is inspired by the green revolution and began using reusable materials in their designs. This creates the cost factor for green furniture and the debate that they are expensive. However, in the long term, green furniture can be very profitable.

Modular furniture multifunctional

There is a huge need for modular furniture due to reduced living space and increasing population. multifunctional furniture are currently available in smaller sizes and are customizable to suit your room. Sofa beds became very popular in recent years, even if they are not new. It is so comfortable to have one when you live in a cluttered house and you have friends to stay the night most frequently. Another example is an all-in-one functional furniture at the show as a wall unit with TV cabinet, bookcase and display case.

Gypsy street furniture

While the population is increasing, most of our cities are overcrowded. However, interestingly much of the urban population are not native. Again, the renter to owner ratio is very high in cities, so you can end almost all people living in rented house. These people when planning to purchase furniture, this is not the most expensive and large. In addition, they plan to use low-cost and non-durable furniture for their time of transition. However, the intention to choose furniture that is the idea that the furniture will be discarded and will not have resale value. Therefore, in recent years, furniture manufacturers are manufacturing reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly furnishing of these urban Gypsies.

Bright colors and light furniture

For interior lighting, you get thinking shines and flashes colors. Please do not assume that these bright colors are for your children’s room. Apply these bright colors while decorating the bedroom or living room. Another option to add a new look to your room is by using bright colors for your furniture. Create a unique touch to a neutral color in the house by choosing a color grade that shines in a pouf, a wardrobe or bed. The bright colors like green, pink and yellow make a comeback in 2011.

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