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Mom Finds ‘Secret Room’ in New House Through Passage in Son’s Closet

A mother has shared her shock at finding a “mystery area” in the new dwelling the family purchased, which is joined to a passageway in her son’s closet.

Cyndi Moncada just lately snapped up some authentic estate, but after finding the keys she found a thing unanticipated at the rear of one of the doorways.

Moncada, who has four boys, shared a clip to her TikTok account, @cyndi_moncada, as she gave viewers a tour.

The mom, imagined to be based in Texas, said: “We just received the essential harmless to our household, and located this door that we’ve under no circumstances opened, when we noticed the dwelling, walked the residence, we under no circumstances understood what was in listed here.”

Detailing she thought it opened into an place of work area, she continued: “So we assumed it led to my craft area, but when the young ones opened it, it was stairs.

“So we walked up the stairs, and it is massive. Like virtually you stand up straight in below. It truly is all boarded. We observed a further water heater, that we didn’t know we had.”

She films a pitched room with wires, ducting and even flooring. Moncada suggests: “This is all carpeted, a good deal of storage, you stroll by means of in this article, much more stairs that lead up to another attic room, and there is a door.

“And you open this door, it leads to my son’s bedroom, this is his closet. And this is his place. So he’s super spooked out by his place because when we received to the household it was not locked, that door was not locked.

“He is like any individual could be living listed here and we wouldn’t even know it. So now we have obtained to get a lock for the doorway so my son won’t feel someone’s likely to appear to are living in in this article and go into his bed room.”

The clip, posted previously this thirty day period, was captioned: “Getting a solution home in our new household.” Due to the fact remaining shared it can be amassed practically 2 million views, and can be observed in this article.

Individuals were blown away by the place, as some theorized what it was utilized for by prior proprietors. Moncada confirmed they ended up the 3rd homeowners in just a calendar year.

Ffabela83 stated: “That is escape place out of the dwelling. Proprietors before could have been in some crazy s***.”

Teddi-Jo Randolph imagined: “Valid worry but as shortly as it’s protected that’d be the coolest factor ever.”

Mike Kelly joked: “You have a complete property in the attic.”

Hunter Sodalite reckoned: “He’ll like that home in a handful of decades when he’s all set to sneak out at evening.”

Bennaj explained: “Practically the begin to every single horror film.”

Racheal asked: “I am bewildered did you not found the doorway in the closet when you purchased the dwelling?”

Teban joked: “Guy I would of claimed that entire attic as aspect of my space.”

Andreaflor758 said: “Seal up that doorway that goes to the closet. Hell no.”

Though Colacherri extra: “Completely not.. I would not have him sleep in there.”

In response to several concerns, she shared some comply with-up movies describing they have 4 water heaters in complete, she just did not recognize this a person was there.

And she also shared a walkthrough of the craft area she thought the doorway led to, revealing it experienced a number of doors—including one particular leading outside the house on a parallel wall.

Whilst she confirmed inspectors did see the place as they appeared all around although the spouse and children were not there, she spelled out the doorway was to begin with locked when they viewed the home.

When inspectors advised the household how a great deal attic storage they had, Moncada assumed they had been referring to similar dimensions on the other facet of the household, expecting them to be mirror photographs of every single other.

She filmed the traditional set-up accessed by way of a closet on the reverse facet of the residence, calling it a “regular attic,” which she measured as about 6 x 6 ft.

“We did have an inspection and the inspector mentioned our massive attic but we imagined he intended the spots we already observed,” she reported in a comment.

She also showed viewers up the ladder to the better floor, she filmed the roof place, with beams, pipes and insulation, which Moncada theorized could be utilized as far more storage.

“All the young children are warming up to it. Just quite abnormal from all our past attics, so in the beginning creeped everyone out,” she claimed in one more comment.

While it is not distinct just wherever the household is based, the common value for a home in the Lone Star state is $302,730, according to Zillow.

The site noted: “Texas home values have gone up 24.7% more than the previous 12 months.” Final April, properties cost on ordinary $242,000, even though in 2020 they have been $219,000.

Newsweek arrived at out to Moncada for remark.

File image of attic area. A mom has shared the “mystery area” they found in their new house which prospects from a passageway in her son’s closet.
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