Prada’s Latest Galleria Is a Modern Take on a Classic

If you are a enthusiast of designer handbags or style in basic, then it’s most likely that you possibly owned a Prada Galleria, lusted right after a Prada Galleria, or at minimum are familiar with the at any time-well known silhouette. Created in 2007, the Galleria is prosperous in Prada historical past, synonymous with the same specific craftsmanship, undeniable model, and timelessness that the Home itself is identified for.

Its unmistakable condition has remained a mainstay for 15 many years and definitely encompasses every little thing in which Prada’s DNA is rooted. Now, the Galleria will get its most modern day makeover however, expertly combining its motivation to innovation with traditionalism—and we cannot get enough.

The Galleria, Reinvented

The Galleria has turn into one of the House’s most sought-immediately after bags, and rightfully so, but the most current Galleria is really a single to take note. The structured silhouette is recreated period immediately after period, and this time it gives Prada’s refreshed choose on its most vital House symbol, the Prada Triangle. Blended with an iconic House silhouette, the Prada Galleria in jacquard is a true relationship of classic and modern.

Modern still pragmatic, it’s reminiscent of the traditional Prada we know and appreciate when experience up to date and fresh concurrently. It is this innovation that Prada is fully commited to, and its most up-to-date Galleria pulls it all alongside one another so properly.

The Prada Triangle

Taking direct inspiration from Prada’s most significant House image, the Prada Symbole bags, which were being launched previously this spring, reinvent the iconic Triangle for the modern-day. This high-class jacquard, geometric still refined, is a new sort of emblem for the Dwelling of Prada, and now it has designed its way onto the Prada Galleria, and it will work oh so well.

The Galleria is a real typical, a condition that will in no way go out of style, and owning a single is like owning a smaller piece of Prada’s rich story. Shop Prada Symbole luggage by using Prada and discover the new Galleria below.

Prada Galleria Symbole 1
Prada Symbole Galleria