When traveling to Morocco, there are normally two different types of places that you can stay. One place that you may stay in is a riad and the other place that you can stay is a hotel. Many people would like to know just what the differences are between a hotel and a riad. Although there are many similarities, there are also some major differences.

The name “riad” in Arabic means “house with a tree or garden.” This word has been adapted to the world as the name of a place to stay. Riads are found often in the midst of a traditional city, where the people and the shops are found within close walking distance. The riads are made from old, large and traditional house that have been restored. Thus, the walls are covered with the traditional, handmade tiles that lock intricately together, making a beautiful sight. Also, there is the traditional plaster and woodwork and as the name states there is a garden in the center. In most riads there are around 8- 20 rooms but in the larger riads there are more. The rooms are decorated in the traditional Moroccan style and have a private bathroom. Depending on the rating of the riad, whether it is 3, 4 or 5 star, it could have a pool and air-conditioning. The pros of staying in a riad are the lovely atmosphere, and the food, which is prepare carefully in the Moroccan cuisine and tastes just like you would have at a Moroccan home. The cons of staying in a riad would be that sometimes you would have to walk a short distance to and from the riad and depending on the riad it may be not as modern as you would wish. 5 Star Riads always are very comfortable and anyone should be perfectly satisfied during their stay there.

There are a few major differences between hotels in Morocco and riads in Morocco. In general hotels are found in the New City, which means that they are in the more modern part of Morocco. Unlike the riad, you can always drive to your hotel. The hotels are large and most good hotels have a swimming pool and air-conditioning. The rooms are decorated in a more European fashion and are very comfortable. The hotels will most likely be decorated with Moroccan d├ęcor as well, as will the lobbies and other rooms in the hotel. The meals served in the Hotels may be more western, so if you would like to taste Moroccan cooking at its best, you should go to a riad. The pros of staying in a hotel are the conveniences, you will always be cool, well cared for and have all the little things of home. The cons are that you will not have the full authentic experience of staying in Morocco.

Morocco is a wonderful place to vacation as it offers so much variety and things to do. Whether you choose to stay in a riad or hotel, it is sure that you will enjoy your stay!

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