Shunpike Rd. receiving $50K grant for home improvement projects

The Glenwood residential area is receiving $50,000 in grant money for home improvement projects.

The $50,000 grant was made available by the Erie County Gaming and Revenue Authority (ECGRA) for recreational and home improvements on Shunpike Road.

It’s a group effort, with the YMCA of Greater Erie, Glenwood neighborhood residents, the Erie Zoo, and the Erie Federal Credit Union all working together on this project.

The president of a local research analysis firm says they are working to unite the neighborhood’s amenities, including Glenwood Park and Horseshoe Park, J.C. Martin Golf Course, Flo Fabrizio Ice Center and the YMCA.

One Shunpike resident says it’s great to be included in this project.

“To create sort of a shared identity. So it could be like a tourist destination for wellness and families and recreation, and also outreach into the larger Glenwood neighborhood, because it is such an important anchor for the city,” said Diane Chido, president, DC analytics.

“To be included in some kind of project like that, that’s a huge opportunity. Knowing that Shunpike’s a traveled road from Peach to 38th, it’s kind of a great area for people to start seeing the houses improve a little bit here and there,” said Sean Hodinko, Shunpike Rd. resident.

Shunpike residents interested in improving their homes are invited to submit an application to an oversight committee.

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