Solar PV: Renewable Energy Solution for Your Home


Solar PV is one of the renewable energy solutions that is becoming a realistic alternative to traditional power and heating solutions. To think of green energy would mean solar and wind power like the big white wind turbines on a hill and solar panels on people’s roofs. Solar photovoltaic turns the sun’s light into electricity. Typically, they are installed on roofs and cover a large portion of a regular house. They work best in direct sun and during a very sunny day, although they also produce electricity on cloudy days.

Solar power is perhaps the cleanest and most widely available form of renewable energy. In order to harness the power of the sun into utilizable electricity, solar panels are used. In many countries nowadays, solar plants and farms can be seen. These plants with hundreds to thousands of solar panels generate mass electricity. Every day the sun’s heat provides enough energy that would supply the earth’s energy needs for about twenty-seven years. Here are reasons why installing solar PV is a good investment for each and every household:

• Solar power is renewable, sustainable and clean. There will neither be harmful emissions nor greenhouse gases.
• Low maintenance, easy installation and very durable.
• The sun’s heat is a free source of energy and available worldwide not just on hot summer days but all year round even on cloudy days.
• Unlimited and free electricity during the day. No need to buy from suppliers.
• Very versatile. Choose between PV panels installed on existing roof or put together with solar tiles or slates.
• Good investment. With the Feed-In Tariff, homeowners are now paid for every electric unit they generate from their PV panels. For twenty-five years, the Feed-In Tariff payments are guaranteed.
• Protection from continuous energy price increases. With the PV system installed in your home, you will have your own source of free electricity.
• Increase the value of your home. PV system will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.

Solar PV is one renewable energy solution that generates electricity from resource that is naturally replenished -the sun’s heat. It is difficult to think of a world without renewable energy. For many decades, man has consumed energy that has significantly damaged the environment like fossil fuels and coal powered electricity. Realizing that these sources will soon deplete and their grave impact to the environment, solutions had given weight from among governments, organizations and individuals to utilize renewable energy. With the governments’ active participation in creating incentives and awareness of renewable energy more reasonably priced, it encourages people to set up renewable energy systems to their homes thus reducing climate change and ultimately protect the environment. People who install renewable energy systems help promote growth of green communities and improve the world we live in. They likewise share their knowledge to others in making more environmentally conscious citizens.

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