Sunroom Vs. Screened Porch: Which One is Right for You?


For several people, possessing a committed area for fun parties and get-togethers throughout the summer season is vital. Sunrooms and screened porches are fantastic for savoring the awesome autumn evenings or wanting at the wonderful surroundings about you though you relax during the working day.

But what is the most powerful way to make the most out of your designated outdoor room? Would a sunroom or a screened porch be a lot more ideal? Choosing between a sunroom and a screened porch is an critical selection.

You can make the greatest option after you comprehend the dissimilarities among these two. In this put up, we’ll wander you by means of the professionals and drawbacks of just about every solution so you can make the most ideal preference for your household.

Sunrooms and Screened porches: What are these?

Ahead of we can get began and choose concerning a sunroom and a screened porch, we will have to understand what sunrooms and screened porches are. Screened porches and sunrooms could seem to be comparable at 1st, but there are some sizeable variances amongst them.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is usually a area which is hooked up to the home. They’re usually separated with sliding glass doors or patio doorways. It will have a lot of home windows on just about every wall, allowing plentiful normal light into the home. In addition, some sunrooms have glass ceilings or skylights. This offers the space more sunlight during daylight hours.

Some sunrooms are intended for calendar year-spherical use, though many others are made for three seasons. Sunrooms are often referred to as solariums, but this form of sunroom differs a little bit. 

Different kinds of sunrooms:

What is a screened porch?

A screened porch is a composition linked to the outside the house of the residence. This framework has screened windows on each and every wall and is normally linked to the home by a patio doorway. This form of porch is fantastic for enjoying time exterior devoid of becoming subjected to insects. This isn’t its very own home but is extra of a composition in the dwelling.

Screened porches are not heat-controlled and are not meant to be utilised calendar year-round as they can become far too chilly during the winter season. In addition, screened porches are considerably a lot more very affordable to build if your house by now has a porch.

Execs and disadvantages of a sunroom

Now that you know what a sunroom is and how this differs from a screened porch, we can appear at the professionals and disadvantages of a sunroom. Because even though this gorgeous space presents many opportunities, there are even now some downsides that appear alongside with it.


  • Further place for livability: A sunroom offers prospects for numerous utilizes, even if you choose to use this place for just studying or relaxing throughout the day.
  • Attainable use calendar year-spherical: If you decide on the four-period sunroom, you can use this wonderful place all year without a dilemma.
  • Improved house value: Adding a sunroom to your home will undoubtedly improve your home’s all round benefit.
  • Versatile uses: Irrespective of whether it be events, a workspace, or a position for your little ones to engage in with toys, a sunroom delivers numerous choices. You can even use this for a greenspace for plants.
  • A lot more all-natural sunlight: This area provides tons of purely natural sunlight into your home.


  • Increased property tax: Because your home’s value will enhance, your property tax will maximize as properly.
  • Better electric power costs: If you come to a decision to increase temperature manage to this area, your energy expenses are bound to choose a hit.
  • Significant startup prices: A sunroom can cost wherever from 5k to 50k dollars to create.
  • Privateness can come to be a concern: With all the home windows in your sunroom, privateness can turn out to be an issue if you dwell around neighbors.

Pros and Downsides of a screened porch

Now we’ll glance at the execs and disadvantages of a screened porch and what you will need to take into account before incorporating a screened porch to your residence.


  • Keeps out bugs: With all of the screens, you can take pleasure in the summer breeze devoid of combating off mosquitos.
  • Cleaner than a frequent porch: If you presently have a porch, you know how easily this can develop into soiled from dust to leaves. A screened porch will help save you tons of time cleansing.
  • Can securely add electronics: If you want to increase a stereo or a Tv to your porch, a screened porch permits you to do so.
  • Can take pleasure in character right: You can nevertheless love all the elements of remaining exterior without worrying that a small critter will sign up for you.
  • Excellent for entertaining: It is a lot additional convenient to host get-togethers on a screened porch than on a typical porch.
  • Furnishings is secured: Your porch home furnishings is much far more shielded from the weather conditions and other aspects thanks to the screened porch’s enclosure.
  • Affordable to construct: Even for all those with no a porch, this is a great deal more reasonably priced to construct than a sunroom.


  • No safety for allergic reactions: however, for people who endure from pollen allergic reactions, a screened porch won’t give any enable.
  • Can make viewing character complicated: Dependent on what style of screens you use, it can be much more demanding to appreciate the pure landscapes.
  • Will nevertheless practical experience disagreeable seems: Simply because you’re only guarded by screened windows, you will continue to hear any uncomfortable appears close to your dwelling.

Tricky to take pleasure in during chilly months: A screened porch is great when it’s cool or warm outdoors. But when snow is on the ground, it’ll be difficult to get pleasure from your screened porch.

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