This Basic Home Improvement Project Has a 97.5 Percent Return on Investment

We know, we know—what you really want on the reno front is a rain head shower and walk-in closet. But when it comes to home updates, ROI (ahem: that’s short for “return on investment”) should always be top priority if you’re looking to sell down the road. Welp, the verdict is in for 2019 and the best ROI upgrade is: a garage door conversion.

Home improvement website HomeAdvisor just released their Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, which examines the remodeling projects that yield maximum bang for your buck in the current real estate market. And the #1 best investment for 2019 from a returns perspective? Yep, a swanky, new garage door.

“The near-perfect return on this project (97.5 percent) is because it improves both a home’s beauty and functionality,” the report states. “Faulty garage doors can cause flooding, threaten your home’s energy efficiency and provide access to burglars. Garage door updates also function as aesthetic upgrades.”

The extra-nifty thing about this project? It’s totes affordable as far as home improvements go. A separate HomeAdvisor survey put the average all-in cost of a garage door installation at $1,080, which includes the new door itself, labor, new tracks and all associated accoutrements. (Side note: If you live in areas with extreme weather conditions, you may want to splurge on a double-layer door or added insulation.)

We know, it isn’t exactly the sexiest home improvement project—but hey, that early retirement you’re after isn’t going to fund itself.

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