This Best-Selling KitchenAid Mixer Just Got an Awesome Upgrade

This Best-Selling KitchenAid Mixer Just Got an Awesome Upgrade

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Maybe you’re into pies right now (hey, it’s apple season!), or perhaps spongey, decadent focaccia — or maybe you’ve been working on your macaron game (in which case you probably need this hot cocoa macaron recipe). It might be that you’re trying out every recipe you can get your hands on, but no matter what’s making your inner baker tick right now, you’re gonna need some top-notch tools to perfect all that weighing, whisking, and whipping.

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Score this workhorse and you’ll discover the wonders of the all-new half speed setting. Anyone who has ever tried to fold in or carefully incorporate nuts and chocolate without deflating batter knows that most stand mixers whirr a little too fast to handle this delicate task. In fact, many of you may have dirtied multiple utensils and your stand mixer because the machine was too speedy. Or worse, you’ve had to start the whole baking process over because you lost all the gorgeous aeration in your batter. Well, you can finally put said frustrations to rest because the new ultra-slow setting (half the speed of the first tick mark on all the other KitchenAid models) will never over-beat, over-whisk, or deflate your delicious creations ever again.

Plus, this newly upgraded machine comes along with a special beater that’ll make any beating process effortless. The included double-sided, flex edge beater will incorporate even the most stubborn and sticky ingredients, ensuring you’ll never have to stop the process to manually scrap the bowl again. See? Easy!

But that’s not all. This mixer has twice the power of the traditional tilt-head model and an ultra-secure three-point locking bowl to assure extra stability no matter if you’re kneading a stubborn dough or shredding chicken in big batches (for enchiladas, if I may be so bold as to suggest). Speaking of big batches, the bowl’s capacity is 7 quarts, which means you can tackle 13 dozen cookies, knead over eight and a half pounds of bread, or mash over seven and a half pounds of potatoes (which you’ll certainly be doing come turkey day if your household is anything like mine). The mixer also comes along with all the essential adds ons including a pouring shield, dough hook, wire whip attachment, pastry beater, flat beater, and scraper.

Long story short, this thing is worth the big bucks. And while it does make for a timely purchase right now with all the baking that’s surely ahead, I think you’ll find that this thing will last an entire lifetime, and make every single baking adventure all the easier.

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