Ultimate Buying Guide: The Best Accent Chairs 2021


When buying anything, it is important to have a proper planning and thorough research to achieve the best buying decision. There are different chairs available in the market, and one of those is the accent chair.

An accent chair features a compact design making it perfect in any part of the room. It is a single item and does not come in a set like the armchair set and a sofa set. The advantage of this chair is it stands out alone and need not match with any furnishings.

Its uniqueness is appealing to as well as its versatility. You can use the accent chair either at home or in your office.

How to Choose the Right Accent Chair?


If it is your first time to buy an accent chair, it would be challenging. Considering the range of factors, it might be confusing. You might consider choosing the one that complements the present design, or prefer a contrasting alternative.

Features to Consider

While you are looking for the best accent chair, it can help if you familiarize the essential features to come up with the right decision.

  • Material

The most essential feature to think about when buying an accent chair is the material of upholstery. Look for an option that does not only offer comfort but also easy to maintain and durable. Upholstery material may come in cotton, faux, genuine or synthetic leather, and velvet.

Also, consider the color of the material, the leg and frame material. The frame may be made from wood or metal, and the latter is the best option for durability. Solid wood material ensures stability that can sustain substantial weight.

  • Style

Another feature to consider is the style. An accent chair is available in different styles, either with an armchair or without. You can also choose a style with low-back or high-back, a thin or wide chair. You can expect the chair will make your home elegant if you will choose the mid-century design. There are styles that fit your needs and preferences.

  • Size

It is necessary to choose an accent chair that fits best to the space where you will place it. Though accent chair is compact, but may also take some space in the room. Thus, measure first the designated area before buying the chair. This way you can ensure it would not hamper the space to move around.

The size determines the comfort while sitting on it. It is essential factor for those with larger build and tall individual. Buy an accent chair that will serve its purpose and not an ornament.

  • Comfort

When buying a chair, the crucial feature to consider is the comfort it can offer. You must be comfortable while leaning, lounging, or sitting on it. Thus, check the cushion padding if it has high-density foam. You can ensure to enjoy utmost comfort even for long hours of sitting.

The back height and the depth of the seat are also contributing factor in determining comfort. The armrest also provides comfort, but the armless gives freedom to move.

  • Types

There are many choices available and the types that suit to anyone’s place. The important thing to note is it must serve its functionality.

Club chair – This type of an accent chair has a deep seat and generous size. The armchair is upholstered, built with comfort in mind. It is the best option if the living room is laid-back or inside a family room. Most club chairs have luxurious leather upholstery.

Swivel chair – This accent chair allows you to face any direction. It comes in various styles and may sit perfectly in the living room. You can swivel to and fro while enjoying a conversation. You can also add it in the dining room.

Tub or barrel chair – The design is similar to an old-school nail barrel with arms and higher, padded back. It also swivels making it perfect for living room and even in dining area.

Wingback chair – It features a tall back and as the name implies, it has winged sides. It complements with large sofas because of its larger back. It is ideal as a host chair in the dining room and you can position at both ends.

Occasional chair – The distinctive design makes this accent chair a good fit for formal spaces. An occasional accent chair is armless and light. It looks good for modern and traditional living room.

Corner chair – This is a unique accent chair with two-sided back, and a seam at the center. The seat is square-shaped, yet perfect in a cozy nook. You can place it in the corner of the family room, bedroom, or living room. It provides unique arrangement even in pairs anywhere in the house.

Chaise lounge – It is a double purpose accent chair. A 2-in-1 chair with built-in footstool and can accommodate lounging with your feet up. The chaise lounge is both comfortable and stylish. It adds a romantic ambiance to a bedroom or living room. It is available in contemporary and modern style.

Rocking chair – It is the best option of an accent chair ideal to rock a crying baby or for seniors. The rocking motion offers relaxation. It is available in wood, but you can also put cushions or make it upholstered.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an accent chair is never an easy task. But if you are armed with helpful information, it would be a lot easier. Aside from the buying guide mentioned above, you should not forget to determine how you will use the accent chair. The best thing about this chair is it fits in different spots of the house. Always pay attention to the fabric of the chair, along with its design and function. The fabric may wear out soon if you have kids and pets at home.

There are reasons to love an accent chair, such as fashion and function. You can use it everyday or for guests. As it complements the interior design, it also improves the appearance and ambiance. It may be a neutral piece, but an accent chair can make a bold statement. You can visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop for your next buy.