Using Surface Protection Increases Customer Referrals


Things are tough for small businesses right now. Builders and remodelers are having a much harder time securing jobs than they were just a few years ago. With each construction company trying to undercut the other in order to win bids, profit margins are decreasing. With these dismal realities, it can be difficult to make your company stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are several steps small construction companies can take to not only wow their current customers, but increase business in the future from customer referrals.

Referrals are one of the most valuable sales leads a company can get. If a customer is happy with your work they will recommend you to their friends and may even provide a written testimony raving about your business. The more people you can get to promote your business for you, the more jobs you will obtain.

In order to ensure a customer is supremely happy with your work, there are a few simple recommendations. First and foremost, respect your customer’s home. Having a room remodeled or a large demolition can be stressful and messy for a homeowner. Using surface protection can demonstrate your commitment to preserving your customer’s valuable finishes and indicates that you are doing your best to minimize any inconvenience your work may present. Use dust control systems such as Zipwall™ and wear protective shoe covers while working to minimize the spread of dust throughout the house. Install temporary carpet protection to prevent damage incurred by heavy foot traffic. Lay down hardwood floor protection to protect valuable, expensive hardwood floors from paint splatters and drywall dust.

If there are subcontractors working on site, make sure they are aware of the jobsite rules. Requiring subs to protect finishes and diminish dust ensures your small business doesn’t get the blame for another company’s carelessness. Using protective coverings for toilets such as Builders Site Protection’s Toilet Sheath™ discourages subs from using toilets that have not been properly installed, which has proven to be a big problem on many jobsites.

These products not only impress your customers; they also save you money on replacement and repair costs in the event something gets damaged. The cost of replacing a valuable fixture such as a toilet or bathtub can be avoided easily with the use of effective surface protection. Additionally, keep your customers informed about the construction process. If something does happen to get damaged or delayed, be honest and up front about it. Customers appreciate honesty, and will feel more confident in your business if you own up to any mistakes and do your utmost to fix them.

Common courtesy, respect, and politeness are key to increasing customer satisfaction. Instilling these values in your employees and making sure to use protective coverings during construction and remodeling jobs will be a big step forward in securing more jobs in the future.

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