Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring Choices

Are you hoping to generate a harmful-free of charge residing place? Are you performing tricky to eradicate VOCs by earning improved options? As you remodel or make, your flooring tops the checklist as just one material that can make a large distinction in the environment you build.

What are VOCs?

VOC is short for risky natural and organic compounds. VOCs are chemicals that have been proven to impact wellness either in the limited or very long expression. Some of them are carcinogenic, and have been confirmed to damage health.

1000’s of typical, every day things used in the course of residential and commercial spaces have higher ranges of VOCs. As we turn out to be much more informed of what they are and how they effect us, we’re working really hard to reduce them in the issues most likely to affect us.

Nonetheless, some resources have higher VOC degrees, such as cleansing products and solutions, paints and finishes, and other building resources. When in put, they “off-gas” and launch substances into the air provide. Relying on the circumstances, that may expose all all-around it to high pollutant concentrations. VOCs off-gassing may possibly incorporate substances these types of as:

  • Formaldehyde – found in pressed wood, plastics, lacquers, paneling, flooring, ending goods, and household furniture.
  • Phenol – identified in some vinyl flooring and wall coverings.
  • BTEX – identified in petroleum-based mostly products.
  • Methylene chloride – the most widespread of all VOCs, it’s in flame retardant chemical compounds. It’s prevalent in adhesives.

Residing with VOCs

Sad to say, our life-style of modern conveniences dictates that VOCs will be a aspect of our life for the foreseeable long term. When countless numbers of chemical compounds come together indoors to form a toxic soup, the results can include things like headaches, dizziness, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. Prolonged-expression exposure can direct to major illness, including destruction to the central nervous system, or most cancers.

A research by the EPAs Office environment of Investigate and Growth discovered about a dozen popular natural and organic pollutants to be two to 5 moments larger inside of homes than outdoors, irrespective of regardless of whether the homes were situated in rural or highly industrial spots.

Want To Eliminate VOCs? Check Out These Flooring ChoicesWith so a lot of harmful chemical compounds inside of your house, a lot of owners are using the phase to find out more about VOCs, what it requires to remove them, and make far better decisions when deciding upon property goods such as flooring selections.

How to locate the safest, greenest flooring alternatives for your home

As you tackle distinctive dwelling advancement tasks, pay back awareness to the supplies or substances utilized for every single products you convey into your home. This may perhaps audio like an overwhelming process at very first, but this is some thing you can begin spending consideration to above time.

The EPA offers a complete record of acknowledged VOCs, what they are, and how they could be outlined on the elements or products you buy.

You can also glance for certification packages listed on the goods you obtain. The most frequent certifications for assessing a product’s influence on indoor air high-quality consist of:

GreenGuard – it has two stages of certification that evaluate VOC degrees in products. The GreenGuard Gold certification is typically considered the most handy for figuring out nutritious merchandise on the current market right now.

Floorscore – Floorscore certification presents a typical certification course of action for all styles of tricky surface area flooring materials, underlayment, and adhesives. Floorscore complies with the lawfully allowable limitations in California, which does suggest it is not as in depth as GreenGuard. But it is continue to a starting up stage to locating cleaner, a lot less poisonous flooring.

Environmentally friendly Label Plus is the carpet industry’s VOC certification system. They examination for 35 compounds mentioned in California guidelines for VOCs. This consists of carpet, padding, and adhesives.

There are other businesses that provide suggestions on what VOC boundaries are allowed in the generation of the flooring material. If you have any concerns, you can request a person of our flooring consultants, or do a small exploration yourself to get much more relaxed about the product you’re thinking of acquiring.

What flooring decisions need to you take into account?

It is tricky to make a single particular advice for flooring in an short article like this for the reason that the assistance would be subjective at greatest.

Just one of the greenest options can eliminate VOCs and be a excellent flooring option for your dwelling, yet have unique attributes that may possibly not be conducive for the way your family lives. A further choice may perhaps have small VOCs and be installed in these a way that it poses minor danger to your dwelling atmosphere.

What is the most effective flooring to go well with your requires? Only you can make that final decision.

On the other hand, as tips for lower or zero VOCs, we generally propose:


Natural hardwood flooring is really generally at
the prime of the listing as a risk-free solution for doing away with VOCs from your dwelling. There are, of training course, points you are going to have to look at out for as you make your final variety.

Wooden incorporates all-natural terpenes that are viewed as safe in most circumstances. If you have a superior sensitivity, especially aromatic wood possibilities could set off more than other solutions.

All wood goes by processing from forest to ultimate installation. Some of the chemical substances that flooring products and solutions go through can harbor substances that may perhaps effects very delicate men and women. This is the place it pays to stay inform as to the product you purchase and what procedures the manufacturer applied to provide the flooring to current market.

Wood also is a porous substance, which means it has a larger likelihood of harboring mildew. Stick to all rules to guarantee your hardwood is properly acclimated to your house right before installation.

Finishes and adhesives can also alter 1 of the greenest products and solutions into a person of the most unsafe. There are many minimal and no VOC alternatives for both of those. Just be guaranteed your installer is conscious of your wishes, and allows you pick out the greatest of both of those.


Yet another pure product or service that can be a wonderful addition to your property is tile.

Marble tile is a excellent choice for both equally very good appears to be like and minimal VOCs. Simply because marble is quarried from mother nature, you will be bringing a purely natural product or service within your property. Like wooden, you are going to have to shell out attention to the output system to make certain the all round product or service has reduced or no VOCs when it is set up inside of your house. And sealants, finishes, or adhesives must be checked to be certain they fulfill your expectations on VOC amounts you want to provide inside your residence.

Slate is also a fantastic alternative. A resin is generally utilized in production to fill in small pits and holes to make it a smoother floor. Be sure the solutions made use of are reduced VOCs. This is in which it pays to go with a effectively-regarded maker, just one you can investigate totally ahead of you finalize your acquire.

If you’re all set to reduce VOCs and uncover the appropriate flooring selection to accommodate your requires, these are just a few of the products that may well make excellent additions to your property.