What To Do If Your Drain Is Clogged Or Sinks, Showers And Toilets Will Not Drain

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No one wants clogged drainage since it can bring them inconvenience and trouble.  Addressing these issues on your own is fine as long as you know what you are doing but having the expert do it is far better since they are more well- trained in determining how to fix the clog and address it  from the main problem. Contact a plumbing company near you and they will surely know what to do if your drain is clogged or sinks, showers and toilets will not drain. 

What Causes Clog Drains?

Before we get to the ways to unclog a shower drain and other drains let’s take a look at the causes on why clogs happen:


Accumulated hair is the main reason why drains get clogged especially in the shower. Hair maybe then but a bundle of it can cause the pipe to get blocked. It binds with sticky substances and forms clogs. 


Soap are made our of fat and grease that’s why it can cause clogging. Once the greases and fats accumulate and mix with water they can harden due to the residues plus minerals that come from water and then combine them together will form a  hard blockage on the pipes. 


You may think that dirt gets washed away with water, but they can actually accumulate and form a clog on the drain. So before watching your clothes make sure to shake off the dirt and mud to avoid contributing to clogs.

Food waste

Excess leftover foods accumulate on the drainage every time dishes are being washed.  Before washing the dishes make sure that they are clear from leftovers and especially oils since they can harden when poured down the drain. Create a composting bin where you can pile your food waste to avoid them from clogging your drain. 

Easy Ways To Unclog Drains

Use Boiling Water

Pouring hot water in a clogged drain can be helpful to remove greases that have built up on the pipes. However, it can damage the pipe if water is too hot, this remedy can only work for simple clogs but not for severe ones. 

Using Plunge

The first remedy to try getting rid of clogs at home is using the plunger , this can work if the clog is not that big. Trying it several times can clear the clog eventually. 

Checking the U Blend

Drain pipes have u shaped to make the flow of the drainage avoid backflow. In this U section this is where blockage usually accumulates, you can unscrew the connection and clean it up. However, getting a plumber to do it will be best since they are more familiar with how drains and pipes work. 

Using High-pressure Jet Blaster 

Licensed plumbers are equipped with high-pressure jet blasters to clear clogged drains. The good thing about having your clogged drains handled by a licensed plumber is avoiding accidents that can happen due to wrong methods and ways of clearing your drains. 

What Is The Best Product To Unclog A Shower Drain and Other Drains?

Getting the opinion of a licensed plumber can be best rather than deciding on your own. Chemicals that can clear the drains can be dangerous and should only be used by experts. That’s why buying from a legit store and calling your plumber for this issue can be the best choice. If clogs are just easy to clear then remedies can be done at home but if all of your remedies fail then call your plumber to get that clogged out of your drain. 

How about you?How Do You Unclog A Severely Clogged Drain?How Do You Unclog A Stubborn Shower Drain? The above are remedies on what to do if your drain is clogged or sinks, showers and toilets will not drain. But as said earlier, calling your plumber can be the best solution. They can look into the main cause, and they can clear it in a proper way so it won’t bother you again. Clogs may be simple or they can also be complicated. You will never know what really causes it so better get the expert’s assistance to clear that clog away! Call the plumber nearest you and they will gladly assist as much as they can.