Wood Fences: Eight Reasons They Are So Popular

Wood fences are a common sight in many neighborhoods. These attractive structures can be custom designed to compliment any landscape and home. They offer unique characteristics that appeal to many consumers. Listed below are eight reasons that wood fences continue to be a popular addition to residential yards.


Wood is one of the most durable materials available. It can withstand the harshest weather conditions that may occur. Strong winds, torrential rains, and extreme temperatures are no match for good quality wood. If you are installing top-quality New Orleans residential wood fences, they will remain beautiful and sturdy for many years to come with proper installation and routine sealing.


One benefit that wood has over other fencing materials is that it is a natural product. Many homeowners like the way that wood blends with their yard and landscaping. Wood tends to compliment the natural components of your yard. Many Homeowners’ Associations (HOA) require wood fences because of how it blends into the environment.


One of the best wood characteristics is that it can be cut and specially designed to fit any area. This makes it an excellent choice for those homeowners who have irregular or uneven lots to the fence. Wood offers a lot of design flexibility, allowing a qualified builder to create a custom fence that will meet or exceed your expectations. Whether your yard is big or small, a wood fence can be designed to fit your space and enhance your home’s appeal.


When properly installed, a wood fence will be virtually impossible to knock down or compromise. You will have peace of mind knowing that your children, pets, and loved ones are safe and secure in your yard. Plus, a solid wood fence acts as a deterrent to thieves and trespassers who may be looking for their next victim.


Should storm damage or some other problems occur with your fence, the damaged area can easily be repaired or replaced without disturbing the rest of the fence.

Beautiful and Timeless

There is an elegant and timeless appeal to a classic wood fence. It never goes out of style and compliments the look of any home. The natural quality of wood, along with proper staining, makes your fence look beautiful all year long. It can also be painted if you prefer a color rather than a natural look.


It is effortless to extend an existing wood fence and make it longer. Homeowners can attach their fence to their neighbor’s existing fence so that their yard is securely enclosed.


Wood fences are more affordable than you think. The initial cost is generally less expensive than vinyl. Speak with a fence professional in your area about specific pricing.

Proper installation is essential for an attractive, long-lasting fence. Be sure that you work with a fence builder who is highly experienced in designing and installing wood fences. He should be able to give you maintenance tips to improve your fence’s appearance and longevity as well.

A new fence is a significant investment. If properly maintained, it can add function and value to your home. Take time to explore your options before choosing wood or any other type of fence. Be sure that you understand what will be required to keep your fence sturdy and look great for years to come.