DIY: Laying Engineered Oak Parquet Flooring - Swoon Worthy

Out of all the flooring options available today, parquet becoming one of the most wanted choices. If you are considering investing in parquet flooring, take a look at some of the important things that parquet offers. Firstly, just like wood flooring, parquet flooring is also made of 100 percent wood and looks the same as wooden flooring. Additionally, parquet flooring is a mosaic of wood used to decorate a room, using geometric designs. Secondly, parquet, just like all wood flooring, comes in different types and designs of wood. There are two types of parquet floors: there is solid parquet and engineered parquet.  Also, there are numerous ways that you can install a parquet floor. With various styles and materials and installation methods, there is a lot to choose from.  Thirdly, if maintained properly, the parquet is a very durable, long-lasting floor. The durable nature of this flooring makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, including hallways and lounges. Parquet can handle high levels of traffic and maintain the timeless appeal of real wood. Another advantage is that because the parquet is made of wood, it gives a feeling of warmth to the area where you install it. Finally, over the years, due to the advancement in technology, the cost of parquet flooring has consistently come down. Also, the less intricate the design, the more affordable will be the flooring. All in all, parquet flooring is back in the trend not only because it is attractive and versatile, but also it has extensive financial benefits. We recommend buy parquet on They are our favourite. But also check some other reviews on quality parquet.